High School Pitching

Our High School Pitching Class is one of our most popular classes.  This class not only works on the mechanics of pitching, but also works on the physical training that goes into become a well rounded pitcher.

Over a four week period during the class, instructors will focus on four main aspects of developing pitchers:

Mechanical Week

We will spend time working on drills that are geared directly towards each student.  This week we are able to focus on the exact areas of need to help the make the greatest gains mechanically.

Velocity Week

During this week, students will work on drills geared towards increasing velocity.  We constantly track each students velocity and challenge them to push their limits to reach numbers they didn’t know were possible.  This is a fun and exciting week at the academy.

Control Week

Students will spend time focusing on drills that improve their ability to locate their pitches.  We create situations during this week that challenge them to be the most consistent pitcher they can be.

Off-Speed Week

This is another important week in class where students develop new or improve their current pitches in preparation for the upcoming season.  Students will learn how to properly throw each pitch effectively and safely.

During every class students will also spend a portion of the class training their bodies to support the unique delivery of being a baseball pitcher.  The training aspect is an important part to help pitching make gains in velocity, but also help them prepare their bodies for the stress pitching creates during the long season.

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