Advanced HS Pitching Class

The Yard Baseball Academy is offering a 8 week Advanced High School Pitching Course to get you prepared for the upcoming season.  Only taking 12 spots per group, don’t miss out! 

Areas Covered During the Course

  • Mechanics/Video
  • Bullpens
  • Rapsodo Pitching Unit
  • Pitch Development
  • Arm Care/Strengthening
  • Core Strength

Course Information

Dates:  January 4th – February 25th
Age Groups:  High School (8th grade welcome)                              

Course Times: 6:00 – 7:30p (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thr)

Cost: $800


With our Rapsodo Pitching Unit, you can learn how to develop and  maximize each pitch you throw!  This system will tell you if your pitch is built for success and give instant feedback on how to improve it. Take you pitch quality to the next level!

Rapsodo Data Includes:

  • Velocity Readings
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Spin Rate
  • True Spin Rate
  • Spin Efficiency
  • Spin Direction
  • Pitch Break
  • 3D Trajectory
  • Release Height and Angle
  • Release Side
  • Horizontal Angle

ALL player data and videos will be stored for development and progression, and our instructors will help you take that information and put it into tangible action to help you succeed!