We ask that all of our new students in the academy join us for this low cost private lesson.  During the lesson we will show drills and offer instruction, giving you an idea of how a lesson works and what you will be learning.  This offers you the opportunity to see if our academy is the right fit for you before you commit to a larger package or one of our classes.


When arriving at the academy for your first visit we ask that you sign our electronic liability form.  If you have been in already and are unsure if you have signed it, please ask an academy instructor.


When selecting a visit package, the visits must be used on a monthly basis.  Choose the classes and days of the week you would like to attend and you will be locked into those spots for the month.  If you choose to keep going after the month, we will reserve you spot in the same classes until otherwise noted.

If you need to miss a class, we require a 24 hour cancellation notice.  If notified on time, you can join another class during the week to make up the visit, as long as there is space available.  Failure notify us on time will result in use of that visit. Please contact us (503) 352 – 0917, to find out which classes have space.

Make-up visits must be used within 1 weeks of absence from the class.  Class Visits will not carry over to the next month.


If you have to cancel a lesson, we require a 24 hour cancellation notice.  Failure to notify us on time will result in a loss of a visit or a $30 fee.  Notifying us on time allows us to fill the spot with another possible lesson.

5 Lesson Private Package – Must be used with 2 months
10 Lesson Private Package – Must be used with 4 months

If you do not show up for a class or lesson without and notification, that lesson will result in the loss of a visit. If only for a single lesson visit, it will be a $50 for the NO SHOW.